A lifetime of art and creativity has led me to the world of animated children's books...

My illustrations are painted in the traditional fashion on paper using watercolours, pencil and ink before being scanned into the computer ready for animating – which brings them to life! It always feels like magic to see a hand drawn cat blink for the first time. 

For the past 25 years I have loved playing my harp at weddings and although very enjoyable, music is invisible to the eye, and it is the visual world that gives me the biggest thrill – so when asked recently to illustrate a children’s book for the Sydney Jewish Museum I found myself surrounded with colour and paints – and knew I was home.

Lindybelinda books are fully animated and interactive iOS Apps and Apple Books with realistic sound effects. Full of fun they teach children to develop their interactive screen skills by observation and play.

Tap and discover brings out the child in you!

- Belinda Pring